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Thank you for visiting the Author, Coach and Life Changer page. As a Leadership & Success Coach, Natural Health Practitioner and Fine Artist, my purpose is to help your life be the work of art that it should be. I’m glad to share this journey with you.

As a Director with a Cellular Health company, I have the privilege of being a real-life “Life Changer.”  Every day I see people that struggled with health issues begin to notice positive changes from the power of molecular cell signaling. Others make a choice to create exciting lives with financial and time freedom.

This exciting Cellular Health technology changes lives in remarkable ways every day. It’s my goal to share this exciting life-changing breakthrough with at least 10,000 people.

If you want to Become a Life Changer, Contact Me Today.

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Helping the World, One Life at a Time

Nothing happens by accident. Years ago in an environment filled with stress, bitterness, illness and suicide, with the impact of that mess I began training and filling my life with more and more self-care as a buffer. With each new “mini-success”, I became aware of others that needed help. Coming from a long military and law enforcement background, I understood the need, yet never planned to open a practice…but I

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Living a Life of Purpose

When we feed our minds with the world’s noise, it becomes easy to doubt ourselves. When we struggle with life’s challenges, we question our purpose in life. We get caught up in the spin around us...our career, family, health, school, finances, relationships, and hope. Hope that something in life will work out, and it will all be better. People that hope without action tend to sit and wait for change

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A Countermeasure to Lyme

Healthy goals often include both professional and personal wellness. You may be proficient in your career, but if you struggle physically, then the other parts of your life become pulled and stressed. In this article, we look at Redox as a Countermeasure to Lyme Disease. Annual Lyme Disease Statistics According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to CDC by state health

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Stay Focused

Many people confuse goals with wants. “I want to be rich. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy.” Those are good things to desire, but they are not goals. Being rich, healthy, or happy are conditions that you want to experience in your life. They are not goals. It’s important to stay focused. What ground do you need to be standing on before you’ll feel that goal come

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Meditation for Your Peace of Mind

Meditation - I’m not talking about planting yourself on a mountaintop and humming at nature. Although that might be a nice break if you’re stuck in a noisy city. Even if you only allow yourself five minutes a day as a start, that’s five minutes of peace you are giving yourself permission to enjoy. There are many ways to meditate. Here are just a couple easy methods to just clear

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Press Release – Renewing Your Mind

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – April 15, 2018 – PRLog — Renewing your mind – Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist is the true life story of one man’s search for physical, emotional & spiritual peace. Mr. Davis describes a transition from not believing in hypnosis, and later through his own search, he found himself training, certifying and becoming one of a few Board Certified Hypnotists in the world. According to Mr. Davis,

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Don’t Walk Alone

When it comes to setting and achieving your goals, don’t walk alone. Invite someone to join you in the process and make it a joint project. If you want to really empower yourself, create a Mini-Mastermind group. When you share your goal with others and they share with you, you can energize each other through brainstorming. As you each develop individual strategies and action steps, you become accountability partners to

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Good Food, Exercise and Rest

Life can be busy. Yet, it’s important to take time for good food, exercise and rest. While busyness is not bad thing, being too busy can take away your positive gains if you move into a depletion mode. If you were to drive across the desert on a hot summer day, wouldn’t you ensure that your tank is full, and your oil and water is topped off to avoid overheating

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Focused Affirmations Attract the Good

If someone were to ask you to name the important areas in your life that you should strengthen, what would you say? Our lives are so diverse, it would be impossible to name all the aspects of who we are. Yet, here are just a few to think about. How about your confidence, health, ability to love, forgive, and overcome challenges? What about the goal-setting and the entrepreneurial parts of

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Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

In our last post, we discussed bringing life to your dream by writing it out in detail. Once you create your dream life in pictures by writing out the goal, you bring life to it and you start feeding it the right energy. You may begin to notice how you’re now able to see it in your dreams at night, or daydreams during the day. Imagine having it and the

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Create Your Life in Detail

At the very beginning of this series, we discussed the natural law that says the things you think about are the same things you attract. When considering the power of attraction, let’s compare with the attracting power of a magnet. Create your life in detail. The stronger the magnetic energy, the stronger the attracting qualities. Considering our thoughts as an attracting mechanism, we can increase the power by the realism

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Pay with a Smile

I realize this may sound odd when you have bills to pay with a smile. After all, who wants to pay bills right? Yet, it really comes down to something we talked about in an earlier article (Notice small changes). The key here is to focus and build the habit of gratitude. When you begin to form those emotional muscles within you, you can actually attract helpful resources in your

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Feed Your Mind with Music and Breathe

In this part of our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”, we look at the value of aligning your sense of peace. Realistically, none of the steps in this series are rocket science; they are all easy. Likewise, creating good self care habits makes living well much easier. Realistically, it’s an easy process to feed your mind with music and breathe. Music can either energize or depress. While

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Words Matter

Words Matter. In this post, we look at the power of word choice. Words are powerful and they create your reality in either a positive or negative way. What words do you use when you describe your life situation? Do you tell yourself all the reasons why you can succeed, or do you remind yourself of old negative self-talk that once held you back? When you talk about good living,

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When its Slow, Open the Flow

When it’s slow, open the flow. In this post, we look at actions that seem counterintuitive to logic, yet moves you forward. Sometimes a home or auto repair, or some other financial situation shows up and there’s a natural tendency to go into “Fear Mode”. In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about positive and negative energies – clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Realistically, energy is

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Mind Your Mindset

Mind your mindset. it’s important to remember, we are human and we still live our days amidst other humans.  Most of the people we interact with have no thought or concern of manifesting a successful future. In fact, many never considered that they could. They just want what they want…and they want it right now. The thing to remember is this: Someone else’s mindset doesn’t define who you are, or

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Notice Small Changes

Notice small changes. Continuing on with our series, notice small changes showing evidence that your goal is coming to fruition. When it comes to attracting wealth and happiness into your life, sometimes even the smallest action can make the biggest difference. After choosing to rid yourself of the negative, allow an expectation that positive changes will begin to occur. As a sunflower begins to grow and tower in size, the

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Write Your Goals and Take Action

Write your goals. If you’ve been following our series, then you’ve likely been “Cleaning House” within both your environment and your mind, you’ve swept the sidewalk that was once overgrown with crabgrass and weeds. There’s now a clear path ahead to begin change today. Make a choice to write the goals you want to enjoy in your life and take action. It doesn’t matter how you do it. I prefer a

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Get Rid of Self-Comparative Thoughts

Today we continue in part three of our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”. Our discussion today talks about getting rid of self-comparative thoughts. In our last post, we talked about how doing a cleanup of your junk drawer, closet or your office is a good thing. Don’t forget the other areas of your life. What habits and thoughts have you been clinging onto that no longer serve

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If it Doesn’t Serve You, Get Rid of It

If it doesn’t serve you, get rid of it. Today we talk about getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve you in your life. I wish I could tell you how many times my first-time clients arrive clinging onto the negative junk that’s never served them. In fact, some of the old stuff (and negative people) just held them back. We all have the proverbial, “Junk Drawer” at home

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Goal Setting – Be Open to Outcome

Be Open to Outcome. This is the first part of a series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals.” While it is good to be specific when setting goals and planning how to attain them, be careful of thinking that becomes too rigid. Focusing too much on one specific way to reach your goal with one specific outcome can blind a person to unexpected opportunities and methods. By all means, have

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Let’s Grow the Map Together

We live in an interconnected world. With new emerging technologies arriving on the global map each day, it can sometimes become overwhelming. When we look at the paths of our lives, we know we are capable of living the life we sometimes dream of. Too often, the world system makes it seem like the successes we see of others, is just for them…and not us. Let me tell you…That’s just

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Be Responsible Don’t Text & Drive

As the holidays approach it’s easy to become a distracted driver while on the road. We live in a “connected” society where catching that latest Facebook post or tweet seems to have more importance than they really are. Our society claims a need for control of our lives and privacy. Yet people constantly give up that privacy to send texts throughout each day describing each movement, what they are doing,

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Two Steps to Tuning Your Mental Radio

The alarm sounds and you reach to turn it off. As you lie there for a moment you stretch and become aware of a new day. What’s the first thought beyond, “Oh I want to lay here a little longer”? Somewhere during that last stretch, your mental radio came on. What is it playing? Is it the sound of quiet peace that drives you to look forward to the day,

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The Unexpected Can Be a Good Thing

A few years ago I was shooting photos early one Saturday morning. In the downtown area of Charlottesville, Virginia there is a chalk wall where people leave a variety of comments and drawings. I was reminded that morning that the unexpected can be a good thing. On that early September morning, I noticed that square in the center of the wall it said, “You will likely forget this ever happened”.

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