Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

In our last post, we discussed bringing life to your dream by writing it out in detail. Once you create your dream life in pictures by writing out the goal, you bring life to it and you start feeding it the right energy. You may begin to notice how you’re now able to see it in your dreams at night, or daydreams during the day. Imagine having it and the accompanying feelings of satisfaction. With repetition, it becomes easy to literally visualize accomplishing ownership of your goal. Again, this strengthens the energy that attracts and draws your goal to you.

Another useful method of increasing positive energy to the manifesting power of your thoughts is a simple visual tool. Our minds think in pictures and when we see images that represent the goals we seek, it reinforces the ability to focus, feel and attract.

The tool is a simple vision board with photos, drawings or other visual depictions that strengthen the ownership and reality of attracting wealth and goodness into your life. As your written description is updated, modify the vision board as well. This goes far beyond “positive thinking”. You are now creating. When you can make it real, you can make it yours.

Create Your Life in Detail

Create Your Life in Detail

At the very beginning of this series, we discussed the natural law that says the things you think about are the same things you attract. When considering the power of attraction, let’s compare with the attracting power of a magnet. Create your life in detail. The stronger the magnetic energy, the stronger the attracting qualities. Considering our thoughts as an attracting mechanism, we can increase the power by the realism and accompanying feelings that come with those thoughts. 

One way that you can increase your power is through journaling your goal with detailed descriptions of what it looks and feels like. For this example, suppose your goal is a home on the beach. Don’t settle for a description like, “I want a white house on the beach.” That’s taking the easy way out.  

Within our minds, we move around 60,000 thoughts per day. It’s time to focus the priority thoughts (our goals) by putting energy into them. Those thoughts and their power to manifest overrides the daily insignificant mental rumblings that get in the way of your progress. 

Write down, in detail what the home looks like, the type of materials, the view, the sounds, who lives there, who visits, describe each and every room with all the details you can describe of the home you want. Continue to focus and build until it starts to become real in your mind. The more intently you bring it to life, both in your mind and your body. When you experience physical feelings of excitement, it becomes real in your subconscious mind.  

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, I see this all the time. Realistically you could say that hypnosis is intensively focused on thoughts that allow the subconscious to accept detailed suggestion as a reality. I see this all the time. I primarily work with abuse and stress clients, along with people that are searching for success in their lives. When we neutralize the negative emotional triggers that held them back and replace them with the positive awareness of an exciting and dynamic future, they naturally attract it into their lives.

When you create the belief that your goal is available to you, you can create it. You then begin to live with an expectancy of attracting it in real life. Adjust and perfect the description of the life you want each day and right before sleep each night.

Then, don’t be surprised when it shows up in your life.

© 2017 Anthony M. Davis

Pay with a smile

Pay with a Smile

I realize this may sound odd when you have bills to pay with a smile. After all, who wants to pay bills right? Yet, it really comes down to something we talked about in an earlier article (Notice small changes). The key here is to focus and build the habit of gratitude. When you begin to form those emotional muscles within you, you can actually attract helpful resources in your life by giving back.

I remember very well my early days when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. I clung onto everything I had as if the wind was going to blow it out of my hands. That mindset subconsciously rejected any chance of reaching goals or manifesting anything but a state of want. And…that continued the cycle of lack. After all, that’s what I knew as my “Normal” and my subconscious mind formed the belief that that’s where I should stay.

A lot has happened over the succeeding years and in spite of myself, I learned that it’s okay to live well. It’s okay to give yourself permission to be happy. It’s okay when wealth, resources or good people show up in your life without having to scratch and sweat to earn it.

Life was at an all-time low at one point. A business I was struggling to run crawled along back in the 80’s and then, I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. The business went away and I needed physical recovery. Along the way, as little breaks would come along, I was grateful for all the small things…anything was a good thing. That sense of appreciation helped me see I didn’t have to struggle along through life. Back then, as a new Christian, this also increased my faith.

Nowadays, when I get a bill (like the property tax bill that recently showed up), I don’t see it as a burden. It’s a reminder of the good things that happen in my life and my ability to pay it. Each year when the tax bill goes up, I’m reminded that the bill is representative of my increasing resources over the prior year.

When you make a point to smile…even if things don’t appear on the surface as going well. We strengthen our mind and physiology in a healthy way. When we physically smile, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin begins to flow as neurotransmitters are activated from a simple thing like smiling. Stress decreases, confidence increases and our outlook moves to the positive side of the road.

When you feel good, you create new connections in your mind, form new beliefs and expect more good in your life.  Those things you feel, believe and expect, then mirror what you attract into your life.

Each time you write a check to pay a bill, think about how good it is to have the funds and ability to pay that bill in the first place. In the memo section of the check, write, “Thank you”. That raises the energy level and helps solidify a picture of success within your subconscious mind. The very act of smiling emphasizes a sense of contentment, again making way for the positive energy to push out the negative.


© 2017 Anthony M. Davis

Feed Your Mind with Music and Breathe

Feed Your Mind with Music and Breathe

In this part of our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”, we look at the value of aligning your sense of peace. Realistically, none of the steps in this series are rocket science; they are all easy. Likewise, creating good self care habits makes living well much easier. Realistically, it’s an easy process to feed your mind with music and breathe.

Music can either energize or depress. While the music you listen to is really a matter of taste, calm instrumental tones helps to maintain a sense of peace, beauty, hope, reflection and energy. An important part of being kind to yourself is taking a slow breath.

To quickly reiterate the earlier post, what I refer to is abdominal breathing, sometimes called, “Yoga Breathing”. When you take a slow inhale, press your stomach out, then after a few seconds, exhale while pulling the stomach in. During this cycle, you automatically release anti-stress hormones.

You may not always have time during your day to meditate. Yet, incorporating calm music and abdominal breathing gives you an edge throughout your day. In spite of whatever pandemonium that’s happening, you can keep your positive energy up and create a habit of calmness in situations that previously may have stressed you out.

Words matter

Words Matter

Words Matter. In this post, we look at the power of word choice. Words are powerful and they create your reality in either a positive or negative way. What words do you use when you describe your life situation? Do you tell yourself all the reasons why you can succeed, or do you remind yourself of old negative self-talk that once held you back?

When you talk about good living, health and financial freedom, do you describe a world that has enough abundance for you too, or do you believe you need to work hard, anticipating struggle to get ahead?

As you walk through your days handling your various tasks, do you consciously focus upon the things that are positive, or do you make a mental list of things that are wrong?

Do you take a mental inventory of your life and recognize you have many skills and abilities, and you are getting better and better each day? Or, do you think you are not enough and life is a big competition?

When a creative idea comes to mind, do you take inspired action, or do you procrastinate or let it languish completely because you believe you couldn’t finish it anyway?

Are you living with an expectation of abundance, or an expectation of lack?

The words you use, whether spoken or mental, determine whether you paddle with the current or struggle against it. Your subconscious mind forms and stores your beliefs. When that part of your mind hears your thoughts or words, it creates corresponding beliefs.

Strengthen your life with words that empower and include you. Then use these words in your dialog with those you care about. You’ll find you are creating a wonderful realm of success.

A Few Questions:

  1. What words or thoughts empower your life?
  2. Which do you need to guard yourself from?
  3. How do you stay in control and stay on the positive side of your life?

Please leave a comment to share what works for you. Also, share this post. When others start thinking about their words, we naturally plant seeds of kindness around us.